As Canstruction goes into its 21st year in the city of Orlando, it has brought us all to reminisce about the past and look to what the future may hold. What better way to celebrate that than to strive for an era without hunger.

The Renaissance, The 60s, The Raging 20s, all of these bring to mind specific images and cultural icons. This year Canstruction is asking the teams to dig into World History to inspire their Canstructures. Whether it be a giant dinosaur from the Paleolithic Era or a roadster from the 1950s, you will see a world of possibilities at this year’s event to be held at Fashion Square Mall.

Era is defined as a period of time marked by distinctive character, events, or changes on Earth. We look to the teams to depict their favorite iconography throughout history in order to celebrate the mark we are making as a community. Can you dig it?

So what is your favorite era, your favorite decade? History inspires us all to change and push forward to a brighter future. Let us push together. Together We CAN ERAdicate Hunger!
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October 3
Details, Design Statement, and Sketch Due
October 10
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October 17
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October 19
Canstruction Build
October 20
Jury Meets
October 23
Awards Celebration
October 26
November 3
Reconciliation Due
Jury 2014
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