Food Acquisition
After you have determined the size, brand name, and label color of the items you plan to use in building your Canstruction®, you must also determine the number of each item you will need. As indicated in the rules, each team must have a minimum of 1000 items to be eligible to enter this competition.

Once you have calculated your “shopping list”, your Team will then have to provide the items needed to build your design. There are several ways to accomplish this. You can solicit donations from vendors, friends, or employees; you can have a food drive for specific food types typical to your design through your church or social organization; or your firm can subsidize the entire project. If the decision is to take advantage of the charitable tax credit, please see further instructions below.

We do encourage firms to use donations for the procurement of food as a Marketing expense.

In an effort to give the maximum benefit to both the Teams and Canstruction® Orlando, Inc. we offer the following procedure for your use:

# All solicitations for contributions or canned goods will be the responsibility of each Design Team. The Contributions Coordinator of each team will have specific responsibilities for the transactions involving each team’s effort.

# If you are not concerned about receiving a tax credit, you do not have to fill out a Reconciliation Form.

# It is suggested that each Team place an order for all the food needed with a grocery store at least two weeks prior to the competition. Pick up and delivery of the boxes of food will be each Team’s responsibility.

If you are seeking tax credit for a charitable donation:

Due to changes in regulations for the Food Bank, and in an effort to continue to offer the advantage of a charitable tax deduction(501c3), the following procedure is the ONLY means available for teams:

Teams can accept checks for those sponsors who specifically want a 501c3 charitable donation for the tax year. Checks would be made payable to the teams/firms – not Second Harvest Food Bank. Teams need to keep accurate records on the Reconciliation Form for all 501c3 sponsorships.

  • Teams MUST buy food in increments of the checks that fall into the 501c3 list. For example – a sponsor writes a check to a participating firm for $250 and wants to be able to use this as a 501c3 write off on his/her taxes. The team/firm will have to buy food and get a RECEIPT from the store for EXACTLY $250 worth of food only. Keep that receipt and associate it with your donor’s check on the reconciliation form. Make a PDF of the check (be sure “Canstruction” appears in the memo area on the face of the check) and the receipt. Following the event, that PDF will be attached to a letter from the Food Bank acknowledging the “IN KIND” gift of food.

  • The only receipts accepted in this process are for food. Any supplies your team needs are not tax deductible.

  • Teams need to be mindful of the types of food on the receipt. Please be sure that the food is healthy and appropriate as a donation to the Food Bank.

    As a reminder, the Contributions Coordinator will make PDF documents of each donation check/associated receipts separately. These PDF documents will be submitted with the reconciliation form. We do not need original receipts.

    Please be sure to complete this by the date on the schedule.

    Please be accurate in your information, Canstruction® Orlando will take no responsibility for incorrect forms or receipts. Incorrect forms will not be processed.