Healthy Foods
Below you'll find suggestions of foods that you may want to include in your Canstruction this year.
They are not meant to be restrictions,
but use them to give your
team inspiration in
designing your structure.
Please keep to non-perishable
food items only. If you have a food
that you think we should add to this
list, email us (!

Best Choices - These are the foods that are most useful to Second Harvest, but also meet the canned criteria that impresses the judges at Canstruction International:
• Canned baby food
• Canned beans (Such as black, red, pink, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, pigeon peas, garbanzos)
• Canned beef stew
• Canned chicken
• Canned chili
• Canned corn
• Canned evaporated milk
• Canned fruits (Preferably packed in juice with no added sugar)
• Canned fruit juice
• Canned meat
• Canned nonfat dry milk
• Canned peas (Low/no salt varieties)
• Canned soup (Reduced sodium varieties)
• Canned soymilk
• Canned tuna/salmon (Packed in water)
• Canned SPAM
• Canned vegetables (Preferably low sodium or no salt added)
• Low sodium canned meals (Spaghetti and meatballs, etc.)
• Nutritional drinks (Ex: Ensure, Boost)

Second Harvest Choices - These are foods that may not be quite as useful for Canstruction International, but are always needed by Second Harvest Food Bank. Again, please make sure that your food items are non-perishable:
• Anything from the Best Choices list above that is not in a can
• 100% fruit juice
• 100% vegetable juice
• Baby cereal
• Baby fruits (Single ingredient preferred)
• Baby vegetables (Single ingredient preferred)
• Baby meats (No meat sticks)
• Crackers (Whole-grain)
• Dried fruit
• Oatmeal
• Pasta
• Peanut butter
• Powdered infant milk or soy based formulas (WIC-approved preferred)
• Ready-to-eat cereal (Low sugar/high fiber)
• Rice
• Spaghetti sauce

Other Useful Foods - These are food items that are
popular in Canstruction, but may not be as healthy
as the other lists or as impressive to the judges.
• Apple Sauce
• Chips Ahoy! 100 Calorie Packs
• Granola bars
• Kool-Aid packets
• Non-refrigerated pudding