Past Competitions
We CAN All Be Incredible!
7,572 Food Items
WDW, Design & Engineering
Jurors' Favorite
Wiley Force in Action Award
Big Canhuna (Most Items Used)
Walt Disney World, Design & Engineering (WDW, D&E) Team has come together this year to fight hunger with The Incredibles! The Incredibles are a family who were forced to hide their super powers from the world to live a normal life. When the family uncovers a diabolical plan, they realize you should never be forced to hide the powers you have within. The Incredibles family brings together their respective strengths to save the day. WDW D&E continues to partner with the WDW VoluntEARS organization each year as we bring our can-structures to life. Disney VoluntEARS are Disney Cast Members, Employees, and their families who come together and contribute their time to make a positive impact in our community. As the Incredibles band together as a family, they discover their formidable potential as a unit. When the VoluntEARS come together to battle hunger, we have more powers than we realize. We all can be an Incredible hero, too!
CAN-na-na-na-Na-na-na... BATCAN!
1,480 Food Items
Structural Ingenuity
Ace the Bat-Hound delivers food to the hungry in the most powerful muscle car ever, the BAT-CAN. This all-steel, midnight and indigo armored car ripples and rolls through the streets. Ace is our Mascot and represents our Hunger Hero, Canine Companions for Independence, helping disabled people with assistance dogs. The BAT-CAN is bean-powered, coffee energized, and tuna tasting for maximum force and lean speed. Its aerodynamic curves are the result of advanced computer modeling and 21st century technology to achieve efficiency of design and compelling visual form. Held together with wire-thin zipties, the BAT-CAN, modeled after the cinematic 2009 Batman and Robin Batmobile, fights hunger, assists the disabled, and is so easy to operate that even a dog like Ace can drive it.
Food for Thought
1,955 Food Items
Best Meal
Our inspiration is teachers. They are such a huge part of society that help shape how people develop and grow. They help form our hopes, dreams, and inspirations by encouraging students to reach for the stars and continue even after they fail. Teachers are underappreciated for how much they truly do everyday.
Heroes of Hope
2,550 Food Items
East Orlando Health and Rehab
JLC and Company, LLC
Best Use of Labels
Our inspiration was "Real-Life" Superheroes. We want our design to represent and honor those everyday people who are “Heroes of Hope” to their communities and ours. So we chose a firefighter, police, nurse/medical hats as well as a military hat to represent those ordinary people who choose to don a "cape" everyday with their uniform and “be ready at a moment's notice to respond” to the “daily distress signal” and do extraordinary work. Our philosophy is based on the Mission of East Orlando Health and Rehab, which is to "Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ". We are a Christian based organization who try to live out our mission, and we recognize the impact of hunger and lack of nutrition on our community in the work that we do every day. We feel that the heroes represented in our build minister to the "hunger" of our community, whether this be hunger of the body, mind or soul. They are our "first responders" and are often the ones in peoples' homes and neighborhoods who can recognize a person's needs and help them get connected to amazing local resources such as Second Harvest Food Bank. Thank you to our Real-Life "Hunger Heroes"!
American Farmer, American Hero
2,744 Food Items
Turner Construction Company
DLR Group
No Child Hungry
Honorable Mention
Our team selected the American Farmer as our Hunger Hero because farms are the source of the food we eat every day. Whether you are eating organic strawberries, drinking orange juice, or eating your favorite Italian dish at a restaurant, some part of your meal originated from a farm. We too often overlook and take for granted the hard work and long hours put in by our nation’s farmers. Without farms across the country, food manufacturers would not have the ingredients they need, grocery stores would not have food products to sell, and the majority of us would not have food to eat.
Black and White and Fed All Over
2,916 Food Items
The Something's Fishy Award
Second Harvest Bridge Spanner Award
The 2015 CANstruction theme of “Hunger Heroes”, is exciting, educational and inspirational. Canstruction and Second Harvest Food Bank are just a small part of the wonderful charity / good will chain in Central Florida, and each of them deserve attention and recognition for the essential (and heroic) things they do. The neatest thing about the team theme and sculpture brainstorming session this year is how excited everyone got when discussing various charities. The worst thing is that all the great charity options made choosing just one charity too difficult to decide without a vote. Our narrow winner was the Orlando’s own Zebra Coalition: “SUPPORTING LIVES OF A DIFFERENT STRIPE”. They are a network of organizations which provide services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all youth (LGBT+) ages 13 – 24. The Coalition assists young people facing homelessness bullying physical, sexual and drug abuse and isolation from their families with individualized programs to guide them to recovery and stability. The RLF/A+C team admired their dedicated approach to helping those in need, and were immediately inspired with many sculpture ideas centered on zebras and super heroes. The wonderful concepts and ideas varied with the numerous clever titles that were introduced, but “Black and White and Fed All Over” was too perfect to pass up. Our can sculpture inspiration came from the Super Friends, in that our super hero sculpture would be perfect to be displayed in the Hall of Justice fountain. The “Hall of Justice” has its own relationship to the Zebra Coalition, because they bring “justice” to the LGBT+ youth who are struggling in their lives. Our hero is called “Captain Courage”. The four main reasons Zebras have contrasting black & white stripes are to: 1) confusing predators, 2) protecting against disease-carrying insects, 3) controlling body temperature, and 4) social cohesion. Another fact about why Zebras need to regulate their body temperature is because since they digest slower than the average animal, they need to be out in the hot sun for longer periods. They have stripes and are different for a reason. Captain Courage uses his stripes to help him defeat villains, and to help those in need.
Extinguising the Flames of Hunger
2,181 Food Items
Forum Architecture & Interior Design, Inc.
The Three Alarm Appetite Award
Like fire spreading rapidly, so is hunger. Millions of individuals are affected every day in our world. As a community we need to act together to save lives by extinguishing the flames of hunger. Who better than to help us, our local heroes, the firefighters!
Living with Bears, NOT with Hunger
5,160 Food Items
Borrelli + Partners
Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens
There has never been a more urgent time than now to educate the community of Central Florida about living with the Florida black bear (our Hunger Hero). Our community has grown exponentially and we have encroached on a valuable and necessary part of our Florida ecosystem – the Florida black bear. It is vital to all of us to learn to coexist and to enjoy our surroundings without concern and fear and to be inspired by the beautiful and lively nature that makes Central Florida home. Both humans and bears have to find the resources necessary to survive and move forward with the precious gift of life and to avoid the never ending epidemic of hunger. Our community partner, Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, plans to educate the residents of Florida by supporting a “bear house” where the docents and team of educators will use real-life instructions to educate visitors, and provide an exciting habitat for bears to live out their lives. This education model is paramount to the Zoo’s mission: to be a conservation resource providing experiences that excite and inspire children and adults to learn and act on behalf of wildlife. For this reason, we collectively chose to create part of the exhibit house and having a bear "nose" through a full trash can searching for food.
No Need to Fear HUNGERdog is Here!
1,484 Food Items
HHCP Architects
The Generation Award
There's no need to fear HUNGERdog is here! When hunger appears volunteers will always appear to help all who are near the cry goes up both far and near for HUNGERdog! HUNGERdog! HUNGERdog! HUNGERdog! speed of lightining, roar of thunder fighting all who rob or plunder HUNGERdog! HUNGERdog!
One Can
4,788 Food Items
Phil Kean Design Group
The Making a Difference Award
One can CAN make a difference. Inspired by the philosophy behind Canstruction, our goal was to create a structure that originates from a single can, illustrating the importance of a single meal to those in need, the importance of a single donation by those who can help, and the impact that a single gesture can make on combating hunger in our community. One can multiplies to create the Hunger Heroes symbol, made up of a variety of canned meals from local grocery stores and chains that make donations themselves to combat hunger in their communities. We will be working with our local community heroes, the Orlando Police Department and members of the Orlando Police SWAT team, along with Central Florida Vocal Arts. CFVA is a local charitable organization that provides vocal training and performance opportunities, as well as summer music camps and access to music scholarships, for children and teens in the community.
One Heart for Women and Children
1,560 Food Items
Hospitality Resources & Design, Inc.
Best Use of Signage
Hospitality Resources & Design’s inspiration is the logo for our local hero, One Heart for Women and Children. One Heart provides resources for over 3,000 people a month. These resources include food, clothes, furniture, parenting & life skills training and much more. They collaborate with other non-profit organizations, schools and counseling centers to adopt families all over Central Florida. The mission is to ensure every family has the opportunity to have a better life. Our goal is to bring awareness to this important organization by constructing the logo with cans for Canstruction.
The Legacy Tree
3,866 Food Items
Cuhaci & Peterson Architects - Chris Abbey
Wiley Force in Action Award
Peoples' Choice
As the settlers migrated West, in early America, a man named Johnny made it his mission to go and plant apple trees ahead of them. Typically wearing a potato sack for a shirt and a mush pot for a hat, He lived off the land and people’s kindness. Over many years of planting apples trees to help sustain these fledgling communities, this man became known as Johnny Appleseed. His legacy lives on today and the seeds he planted over 200 years ago influence, not only the Hunger Heroes of today, but the people that benefit from the kindness of others. Mush pot for a hat, apple seeds in tow, Johnny Appleseed planted his crops row by row, As early American settlers found their way, Johnny Appleseed’s crops helped feed them each day, He did this out of the kindness of his heart, One of the earliest hunger heroes, a kind soul from the start, By working with our partners at Fern Creek Elementary, We’re doing our best to continue his legacy. This year, C&P partnered with Fern Creek Elementary School. We chose them as our community partner, because their students directly benefit from Second Harvest Food Bank every weekend, via the Hi-Five Kids Pack program that sends shelf stable food home with kids so they have food to eat over the weekend, where they otherwise would not. The 4th and 5th grade Gifted Program has assisted the C&P Canstruction Team throughout the entire process. They helped us to choose our theme, design our structure, and will participate in the build. We are extremely proud to partner with these kids, and continue the legacy of Johnny Appleseed, Canstruction, and Second Harvest Food Bank - all true Hunger Heroes!
“Hero” The Super Sub – by HKS, TLC, and Walter P. Moore
2,541 Food Items
TLC Engineering for Architecture
Hoar Construction
Walter P. Moore
Healthy Appetite Award
With each layer our “hero” slowly emerges - delicious and dense, he cannot exist from one ingredient alone. Who is he you ask? He is our “Hunger Hero” a hero sub dressed like a super hero! During the 1930s, a phrase was coined in direct reference to this “hero” sub, “Only a hero could finish off such a massive concoction”. In this modern day and age, 1 out of 5 children suffer from hunger, that’s approximately 16 million children in America! It’s time that we re-envision this popular 1930's slogan to engage today's overwhelming hunger statistics, “Only a hero could fight off such massive hunger.” We believe that a hunger hero is not just providing food for someone in need one time but rather a continual action that makes one a hunger hero. This year we have reached out to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida to introduce this amazing philanthropy to the hunger fighters of the future. Our “Hunger Hero” engages our youth in a very serious and tangible conversation all while acting as a playful and educational symbol for all ages. Together, our appetite to end childhood hunger CAN be satisfied!