Past Competitions
By Building Hope, We CAN “Beat” Hunger Together
2,868 Food Items
Robins & Morton
Best Original Design
Hello CANstruction Orlando, Our RLF-Robins&Morton Team thanks you so much for the invitation to your birthday party! We would like to bring something special to help everyone celebrate together. Our contribution is called a piñata. The word itself comes from the Italian word pignatta and is interpreted to mean "fragile pot." In the fight against hunger, we feel this as strong metaphor for the difficulties so many face in our community trying to feed, empower, and nourish each other. The piñata has become a universal symbol of celebration, with a diverse history rooted in Faith, Hope, and Charity. Traditionally, piñatas are filled with seasonal candies and foods. Once filled with all this goodness, a piñata represents temptation. To break the piñata, a person is blindfolded and given a very special stick. This person represents Faith. To our team, we dedicate the representation of Faith in our sculpture to believing in the mission of Second Harvest to create hope and nourish lives through a powerful hunger relief network, while multiplying the generosity of a caring community. The stick that breaks the piñata represents righteousness, virtue, or faith itself as the only one who can conquer the evil …of Hunger. The piñata also serves as a symbol of Hope. Traditionally hung above the heads of the participants, it symbolizes hopefulness by looking toward the heavens, expecting a reward for believing in Faith. And, the piñata symbolizes Charity. With its eventual breaking, everyone CAN share in the wealth of its contents. It is tradition that no one leaves without receiving some of the bounty. Thanks again for the invitation! We look forward to celebrating with you! Cheers, RLF – Robins&Morton 2018 CANStruction Team
Hatching the end of hunger
5,660 Food Items
Cuhaci & Peterson
Structural Ingenuity
Peoples' Choice
Big Canhuna (Most Items Used)
Best Use of Signage
Second Harvest Foodbank states that, “1 in 6 Central Floridians struggle with hunger”. With over 8 million people in Central Florida, that translates to nearly 1.3 million of our neighbors who don’t have enough to eat. This lead our team to hatch a plan to bring awareness to this enormous issue via a nostalgic nod to the wildly popular movie, Jurassic Park, that is celebrating a 25th birthday just like CANstruction Orlando. The mammoth gates that lead into Jurassic Park are akin to the size of the hunger epidemic that plagues our world and our community. They are substantial like the issue of food insecurity, but not immovable. With great strength from one or many working together the they CAN be moved, just as with help from many we CAN make a dent in the number of people who need help to become food secure. Additionally, the dinosaur egg hatching at the gates of Jurassic Park symbolizes birth, relating to the celebration of 25 years of amazing volunteers for CANstruction and the movie’s anniversary however, the deeper meaning behind the hatchling is our hope that we can soon celebrate the birth of a new era, where our community does not struggle with hunger.
Our Wish
2,979 Food Items
David Weekley Homes
Best Meal
SHFB Award
As we celebrate Canstruction 25th birthday, the David Weekley Home’s CARE team could not help but think of the families that are not only food insecure, but those specifically that are not financially able to purchase a birthday cake. We believe that everyone should be able to experience the magic of blowing out the candles and sharing a slice of cake with friends and family. Our wish is that when we celebrate Canstruction's 26th birthday this time next year, we have made positive strides in the fight on hunger.
Birthday Gift from another Galaxy
5,450 Food Items
WDW Design and Engineering
Best Use of Labels
Flying in the speed of light, through the galaxy bring the Toy Alien from Toy as a gift to the 25th Birthday party to celebrate all the food that has been donate over the 25 years of CANstruction Orlando!
A world with Hunger is Despicable
2,679 Food Items
SchenkelShultz Architecture
Honorable Mention
SchenkelShultz Architecture proudly celebrates CANstruction’s 25th birthday by “Cutting a Slice out of Hunger”. We have recruited the help of Kevin, Stuart and Bob to help eliminate hunger right here in Central Florida. SchenkelShultz supports CANstruction’s efforts to put food on the tables of those who need it most and are honored to do our part with this creative, and in no way despicable, Minion Cake-a-Palooza sculpture.
25 Reasons for 25 Seasons
2,349 Food Items
Keesee Associates
Best Birthday Award
Our inspiration for this year’s Canstruction design was derived from Canstruction itself. Celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary, also known as the “Silver Anniversary”, we felt it only fitting to build an anniversary cake. Our 25 candles represent the years of great things that they have achieved, not only in local cities, but across the world as well. These candles also represent our concept of “25 Reasons to Help End World Hunger”. The color scheme of our cake design (red, white and blue), represents the power we have in America to help others less fortunate and the ability to fight and end hunger. The choices of food that we selected, represent the history and diversity of our region of the world. Hominy has been a staple of North and Central American indigenous cultures since they first sprang forth from our evolutionary ancestors. Beans are a good source of protein for growing children, and Goya, a company founded on family and personal values, donates over a million pounds of food every year to over 300 charities. Vegetables are an important part of good nutrition but are the first to be skipped when shopping on a budget. Therefore, we chose peas from LeSueur, parent company of Green Giant, who is also well known for their commitment to healthy eating and sustainability. Tomato paste is a versatile ingredient, and perfect for cooking on a budget. Hunt’s is another company that gives back to the community by partnering with Feeding America to help us all end hunger.
Can-a-Saurus Rex
3,393 Food Items
Turner Construction Company
No Child Hungry
Charlan Brock & Associates
TLC Engineering for Architecture
Jurassic Era Award
With this being the 25th Birthday of Canstruction Orlando we decided to look back at pop culture events that occurred in 1993. Jurassic Park stuck out for us for a couple reasons the original Jurassic Park film was released in 1993, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the forth film in the Jurassic Park film series came out this year, Turner Construction was the General Contractor for Universal Studios Orlando Jurassic Park: The Ride, which also coincidently closed this year. There is nothing more iconic to the beginning and ending of the Jurassic Park series than the pillared entrance gate and large wooden doors.
In Cans We Trust
2,925 Food Items
HHCP Architects
Hoar Construction
Project Management Advisors
You're The Tops Award
We wanted to concentrate on the 25th Birthday of Canstruction and chose a U.S. quarter, which is silver. Silver represents a 25th Anniversary/ Celebration. Our intent is to make our community aware of the 25 years we have come together to fight the hunger epidemic in our country. We will create a commemorative coin constructed of food cans that will mimic the U.S. quarter dollar with an image of George Washington and the words “A Quarter of a Century Fighting Hunger" above Washington’s head and below the words “In Cans We Trust”. Also, the date at the bottom of the coin will be “1993” representing 25 years.
It doesn't take magic to end Hunger, UniCAN do it!
2,000 Food Items
Scott + Cormia
Adventist Care Center
Wilson & Girgenti Engineers
Tiny But Mighty Award
Hunger may seem like a tough problem to crack. Nearly 800 million people go hungry across the world, which makes it seem like an unsolvable issue - but that's a myth. If we all work together, it's clear there is plenty of food to go around. In honor of CANstruction Orlando's 25th anniversary, our birthday-themed unicorn pinata symbolizes that with teamwork, we can destroy the myth of inevitable hunger and reveal a bounty of sustenance for all.
Jump on board to bounce out hunger!
1,056 Food Items
Bentley Architects + Engineers, Inc.
Rookie of the Year Award
We were inspired by birthday bounce castles. We wanted to replicate the joy a child has when seeing a bounce castle. This structure promotes the action of bouncing merged with the action of ending hunger. This concept was the basis of our design. We hope to inspire you to jump on board to bounce out hunger in our community while celebrating Orlando's 25th Birthday.
Jurassic Hunger
3,640 Food Items
Hunton Brady Architects
Brasfield and Gorrie
360 Degree Award
With this year's theme being the 25th Birthday of Canstruction Orlando, we wanted to play on nostalgia and choose something that was popular in American culture 25 years ago. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park's release. Our design shows the iconic 1993 Jurassic Park truck driving through the giant park gate, and emerging in through the modern present-day Jurassic World gate in the 2018 truck. This blast from the past will show that we have been "Taking a Bite Out of Hunger for 25 Years".