Past Competitions
Anyone can Cook!
2,713 Food Items
WDW Design and Engineering
WDW Facility Asset Management
Walt Disney Imagineering
Best Original Design
Our structure takes guests right into the Disney film Ratatouille, where we shrink the guests to rat scale. By shrinking to miniature scale, we increased the food, thus eliminating hunger! The scene we chose was when Remi discovers that he can cook through Linguini by controlling Linguini's hair.
Arriba, End Hunger!
2,570 Food Items
Phil Kean Design Group
Structural Ingenuity
We were tasked with taking something small and making it large. Utilizing the character of Speedy Gonzales, a fiery little mouse with the intent of providing for the less fortunate, we have taken a small animal with a big heart and increased that giving to the capacity to end all of the world\'s hunger. So, as the slogan states Go, End Hunger!
Shrinking Hunger One Slice at a Time
1,963 Food Items
HHCP Architects
Hoar Construction
Project Management Advisors
Best Meal
By abstracting the concept of a typical pie chart of statistics of hunger in our country into the visual representation of a pie, we hope to demonstrate the problem of hunger in our community. We use an actual pie to represent the scale of the issue and how we as a community can try to shrink the percentage of our neighbors who are going hungry.
Lego My Lunch
3,235 Food Items
Turner Construction Company
Charlan Brock & Associates
No Child Hungry
Best Use of Labels
Big Canhuna (Most Items Used)
Turner Construction and Charlan Brock and Associates have come together with “Lego My Lunch” to shrink hunger in Orlando. While we were brainstorming ideas, Legos immediately come to mind. Legos are shrunken versions of buildings, vehicles, and people. The iconic Lego head is immediately recognizable and lends it self to the construction theme, the link between Turner and CBA. We realized something that is typically so small could be blown up in size to have a big impact on helping with the hunger issue.
Yes, We CAN Shrink World Hunger!
1,592 Food Items
Taylor and Zainab
Mallory, Evy, and Ainsley
Honorable Mention
Our structure is a filter/funnel that represents our solution for solving hunger. Every small deed is the start to change, no matter how small. We believe "if you can't feed 100 people, just feed 1." - Mother Teresa. Considering our theme, "Honey, I Shrunk the Hunger," our structure was inspired by our desire to see world hunger shrink. Therefore, world hunger is entering the funnel at the largest point and we are hoping to shrink it.
Hatching a Solution to End World Hunger
1,203 Food Items
SHFB Award
Each year, the world population increases by approximately 80 million. Their needs drive a constant and massive demand for resources and the potential for rapidly rising food prices and localized shortages. With a limited amount of land suitable for agriculture, farmers and food producers must do more with what they have. They will need more of the soil nutrients and growth enhancers essential for agricultural production and crop yields to feed the ever-larger population. At Hatch, we battle a constant fight against hunger as we provide engineering services to facilities that produce the necessary soil nutrients that feed the world and "Hatching a Plan to End World Hunger" is a literal interpretation of our everyday battles.
Laser Focused
2,384 Food Items
Cuhaci & Peterson Architects Engineers Planners
The War on Hunger Award
Peoples' Choice
Some of the most notable accomplishments in modern history can be attributed to inventors who were laser focused on what they were doing and refused to stop trying. Things like Thomas Edison's lightbulb and Benjamin Franklin's discovery of electricity were all achieved by people who internalized the belief, “I CAN do this.” The way, inventor and father, Wayne Szalinski’s mindset mirrors this mantra in ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ is uncanny. Although the first successful example of the shrink ray working in the movie was somewhat serendipitous, like Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, it showed that sometimes you never know where a solution might come from. Furthermore, once it was discovered that the children had been shrunk, the unwavering determination of a lifelong inventor and father to carry on and solve an enormous problem, parallel’s the desire and drive that Second Harvest Food Bank and CANstruction have to find a way to shrink the hunger problem our world faces. Hunger is a growing problem that we CAN shrink. Through laser focus and unwavering unrelenting resolve, one day we will be able to say, "Honey I shrunk the hunger!"
918 Food Items
Rogers Lovelock & Fritz
Robins & Morton
The Beano Award
Best Use of Signage
When you first learn about the Orlando Canstruction theme each year, the mind instantly races with a thousand possibilities. Oh! It can be this or that, or surely this… Then… you get down to business of coming up with your actual construction design and statement, and it is never quite that easy as in your mind. But, that is honestly our favorite part of the process (besides doing good for those in need of course) the discussing of various ideas and statements. It seems like four score and seven years ago when the RLF – Robbins & Morton Team first kicked around ideas for this year’s “ORLANDO, WE SHRUNK THE HUNGER” theme. We went from Lego man, all the way to Barbie doll head before we ended up with “LinCAN Logs”. We envisioned the shrunken Canstruction visitors, walking through our Orlando Fashion Square Mall giant “Back Yard”, coming upon a Log Cabin for them to take shelter in while trying to escape a curious squirrel or giant water droplets from the sprinkler system. There were limitless options for the sculpture choice, but we felt that Lincoln Logs were a cherished recognizable icon from everyone’s childhood. And, for those of us in the architecture/ engineering business, this toy, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, has extra special meaning because it may indeed have been what helped launch us in to our selected profession. Much like real architecture itself, the toy just provided the material, but it was our imagination that produced countless “cabins”, “castles” & “creations”. Our sculpture inspired our poster design by drawing from Abraham Lincoln himself, and the Lincoln Log toy to produce a poster that will be recognizable and memorable to the viewers. The poster will have the cool copper background of a penny to make it stand out, and it will have iconic images and quotes