Past Competitions
Turnip for Hunger!
3,430 Food Items
Phil Kean Design Group
Jurors' Favorite
Growing up in the age of video games, our staff of young designers immediately thought of a slightly out of the mainstream concept for a food based sculpture. Super Mario Brothers 2 included Mario running around defeating the bad guys while throwing turnips at his enemies. Utilizing this imagery, we have developed a sculpture which is playful and reminiscent of the game. Super Mario is pulling a turnip out of the ground in preparation to fight hunger, our game nemesis for this sculpture. Turnip 4 Hunger is an exploration of video game themeing and playful explanation for a profound cause.
Reelin in Hunger
2,363 Food Items
Evans Engineering
Structural Ingenuity
There are more than 795 million people in the world that don’t have enough food. That is one in nine people. Sixty-six million children go to school hungry. Hunger is a very solvable problem, and we owe it to our fellow man (woman and child) to fight this head on and not stop till everyone has this basic need. Evans Engineering selected a fish for their structure.  Why a fish? We chose a fish for both the symbolic and literal meanings. Symbolically, the fish is very significant in cultures around the world. It was sacred to the Greco Roman mythology, where it held meaning of change and transformation. In Christianity, the fish is a symbol of abundance and faith. In China, the fish means unity. Lastly, in Norse and ancient European cultures, the fish had symbolic meanings of adaptability, determination, and the flow of life. In the most literal of terms, the expression "like a  fish out of water" refers to a person who is in an uncomfortable situation or unnatural sphere (Source: Merriam-Webster). We ALL need to be uncomfortable with the fact that 1 in 9 are going to bed hungry each night. The more uncomfortable every person is about this reality...the faster we will stomp out hunger!! 
Sinking Sushi
2,475 Food Items
Turner Construction Company
Charlan Brock and Associates
No Child Hungry
Best Meal
Our theme "Sinking Sushi" has undergone many iterations. When our team first thought of using sushi as our design idea, we originally envisioned a plate of sushi. We decided that concept would be too flat, and wanted height to our structure. That resulted in the idea of building a sushi boat. When we started to sketch out the design, we realized that there was no way we could build a boat in an 8' x 8' square without the sushi pieces appearing out of proportion. The sinking boat also provides our design the "motion", for an interesting story. Our sushi boat idea then evolved into a sinking sushi boat! This added a twist to the ordinary sushi boat while allowing for constructability.
God’s IncrEdible Harvest CAN End Hunger
1,371 Food Items
East Orlando Health & Rehab
Best Use of Labels
SHFB Award
As a Seventh-day Adventist organization, East Orlando Health & Rehab has a mission to Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ with a loving concern for the whole person, meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all who reside or work with us. This includes food and nutrition. One of the doctrinal teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist faith is living a healthy lifestyle to better serve God to bless others and it is depicted in the CREATION Health model. The “N” in CREATION Health is nutrition. We chose to display a farm harvest scene, as it incorporates the beauty of nature, God’s original design for living healthy, and the work of human hands coming together to provide nutrition from its very source.
Corn You Peas Help Us Squash Hunger
3,425 Food Items
Borrelli + Partners, Inc.
Honorable Mention
Companion planting whether it be the age old growing practice of combining mutually beneficial plant species to provide for both a more favorable microclimate and nutrient supporting ecosystem or the companion planting of ideas, such as ‘Can-struction’, where community awareness and food drives are combined to promote a safeguard environment to feed those in need and promote a healthier community was the conceptual core of “If You Can Eat It, You Can Build It”. Our sculpture showcases the agricultural practice known, as the three-sisters where corn, peas and squash were planted together for mutual benefit and a core healthy diet, both in food content and physical form.
Broccoli Hendrix
1,639 Food Items
HHCP Architects, Hoar Construction, and Project Management Advisors
The Vote Yes on 2 Award
We drew inspiration from Jimi Hendrix with a desire to promote healthy foods and making veggies fun. We chose to use broccoli as the central theme due to the strong resemblance to rock and roll icon, Jimi Hendrix's hair. "Veggies Rock - Brocc and Roll". Upcoming feature hits will include...."All along the Broccoli Tower", "Veggie Child", "Foxy Lettuce", and "Voodoo bok Choy".
Food So Fresh it Grabs You!
2,521 Food Items
Cuhaci & Peterson Architects Engineers Planners
The Love Actually Award
Best Use of Signage
The hunger problem in the United State is two-fold. First is the challenge of getting food to all those who don’t have it Secondly, is helping people choose the healthiest options possible. Cuhaci & Peterson’s structure is a bento box that includes sushi, sashimi and a brightly colored octopus, food so fresh it grabs you. The statistic that over 48 million people in the U.S. live in food insecure households should also grab you. Over and above a lack of food for many, is the issue that those who depend on others for their daily bread don’t have the ability to be picky about the nutritional value of what they are consuming.
Melt Away Hunger!
4,000 Food Items
Design & Engineering
Walt Disney Imagineering
The Mmm Mmm Good Award
Big Canhuna (Most Items Used)
The Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Design & Engineering (WDPR D&E) Team has come together this year to Melt Away Hunger in Orlando. Our sculpture this year is the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar. This sweet treat has been a rite of passage for millions of our Guests at Walt Disney World over the past 45 years. They are extra special because they are made with the one ingredient not available anywhere else . . . Disney Magic! Walt Disney said, “That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.” For the children that visit us, the “Mickey Bar” (as it is affectionately nicknamed) is a magical treat that embodies everything special about visiting the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” For the grown-ups who come here though, the first bite into a Mickey Bar transports them back to the wide-eyed wonder of their own childhood and for just a moment they are young and carefree again. Our sculpture of the Mickey Bar has one bite out of an ear, symbolizing how we like to eat this iconic treat slowly to enjoy it as long as we can. But it also reminds us that hunger will only be defeated over the long haul. For the WDPR D&E Team, hunger is like this Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar . . . you have to take it one bite at a time!
YOU CAN _______ S’MORE!
2,383 Food Items
Rogers Lovelock & Fritz, Inc
Robins & Morton Group
The Calling You Out Award
In 2009, RLF’s award-winning team wore shirts that simply said “I CAN” on them. “I CAN” is such an amazing phrase with absolutely unlimited possibility and potential to it. It inspires the imagination and the heart to do s’more, to be s’more, to see s’more, etc… In 2016, RLF – Robins & Morton Team welcome back that awesome spirit with our “S’MORES” sculpture which we feel really is “IncrEDIBLE”. Our catch phrase plays off the open-ended nature of “I CAN”, which is illustrated by the blank line, and the large collection of verbs in the background. We feel it is doing the phrase an injustice to box it in with just one verb. “YOU CAN _______ S’MORE” is our phrase for our IncrEDIBLE sculpture, and we couldn’t be any more inspired and excited to build our sculpture and make sure that it is so much S’more than you would expect. What verb would you use to fill in the blank? The S’more is a nostalgic food that harkens back to your childhood adventures camping in beautiful woods making S’mores over the camp fire, and telling of ghost stories, and sharing of life with family and friends. This “naturally” (pun intended) lends our poster design to pay homage to the old National Park posters from the 1930’s. Our poster will hopefully capture that spirit, imagination and memories of the visitors to our Canstruction, and inspire to “______ S’MORE”. Our team has a distinct advantage with the fact that there are an infinite number of S’more possibilities (whatever a kid can imagine, and maybe even actually fit in their mouth). There is no wrong way to make a S’more, which is a great analogy for volunteerism and helping others. There is no wrong way to volunteer and help others, and Canstruction is a perfect opportunity to be a part of all the great things that the Second Harvest Food Bank does here in Central Florida.
You're Invited
1,135 Food Items
Forum Architecture & Interior Design, Inc.
The Libby Libby Libby Award
Our inspiration for “You’re Invited” came from the idea of bringing everyone to the table. Everyone, no matter the color of your skin or your social status is invited to be fed at our table. The premise that food is available to anyone who needs it is also an important thread woven throughout our design. The table is inviting with traditional Thanksgiving food and décor. A single, available chair summons those that are hungry to come and be fed.