Carolyn Thomas Positive Ch'i Award
Carolyn Thomas

Author, Architect, Certified Feng Shui Pyramid Consultant, Canstruction® Board Member and Friend.

Carolyn had the most positive Ch'i (or life force) of anyone we know. From her practice in the art of Feng Shui to public speaking, her exuberance for life, coupled with her genuine ability to live in the moment, came through in everything she did and had a special effect on everyone she encountered.

For 5 years Carolyn was a supportive force for Canstruction® Orlando. Every year she brought an energy and dedication to the competition that transcended the event itself. Her sense of humor while working with the jury each year, and her love for the companies who gave unselfishly to create the structures are just two of the things about Carolyn we will never forget.

We truly miss our dear friend who believed that every new day held the promise of something wonderful...

The Award

In memory of Carolyn's dedication, support, and spirit, the Canstruction Board has created a new award: the "Carolyn Thomas Positive Ch'i Award."

The Board will present this award to those individuals who represent the positive "Life Force" that Carolyn brought to Canstruction® Orlando.


Awarded To
2018   David Stone
2017   Maureen Mikel
2016   (Not Issued)
2015   Triangle Reprographics
2014   Mike Prairie
2013   Deborah Rusnock
2012   Sasha Hausman