1. Purity of Structure
    It is important to stress that the structures be made entirely of cans. Use minimal props to convey your design as this will help you win on the National level should your structure win locally. When using foam core or other quarter-inch leveling materials, recess them so they do not show as much. When the jury must select one winner from each category from 5 finalists out of 50 submissions in each category, these fine points become very important! At that point, it becomes a process of elimination.
  2. Photography is the key to winning Nationally!
    The local Canstruction organization uses the donated services of a local professional photographer. Currently, the National organization requires that each submission have three slides as part of each winning participant's entry. Obviously, we look to find the quintessential shot that best shows the most of each unique sculpture. We take several shots from different angles, but we encourage each team to take photos from multiple angles as well. National requires purity of structure... no people, no stanchions, no signage... nothing obstructing the structure! When the photo speaks to the best, these images are then used in the National media. So take digitals at high resolution and look for the BEST angle that will showcase the most of your unique entry!
  3. Sculpture Description
    How important is your written "Sculpture Description"? It can be the key to winning on the National level! The National Jury does not get the opportunity to walk around your sculpture and peer closely to see how it was constructed, delighting in the details. They only have the description to read while looking at the submitted photography. So, take the time to describe how your entry was built. Don't let the jury wonder about how you created your canstructure. Be sure they know, by explaining how you accomplished it! Descriptions that help the Jury appreciate the structure are part of a winning strategy.
  4. Placing Structures in the Most Opportune Spot!
    Obviously, it is strategically important to give the best space for viewing as possible for each structure. Each team will be required to present a sketch of their structure prior to the day of the build. The date is noted on the Schedule. Working with the site personnel, we will attempt to present each structure to its best advantage. If your structure has any special needs, convey that information along with the presented sketch.
  5. Day of the Build
    Come prepared on the day of the build. Honor the requests of the site about safety and use caution while building. Remember, this is a public place and people will be curious as to what you are doing. Be prepared to talk about the Canstruction event. Wear team shirts with logos supporting your firms. Also, be prepared... the media may ask you to comment on your efforts!
  6. Everything that Goes Up... Must Come Down!
    Each team must be prepared to de-construct their structure at the day and time provided by the Schedule. Each team is required to have a minimum of 5 people to help tear down the canned goods, box them (boxes provided by the Second Harvest Food Bank), and leave the site "broom clean".
  7. Sponsorship
    Please honor our major sponsors and do not ask for additional donations to support your individual team effort. Our sponsors have provided funds and services that help the entire event - including support indirectly to your structure!
  8. Practice, Practice, Practice!
    It may look very easy to stack cans one on top of the other, but trust me there is an art to it! Practice building your structure PRIOR to set up at the site. Be prepared for something to go wrong! Bring extra cans, clear tape, and rubber bands. The canstruction organization does not have a supply of emergency materials for your use, so come prepared!
  9. Check Your Sculptures Every Day of the Competition!
    Each team will be required to provide an emergency phone number for non-office hours contact in the event that something needs to be fixed on your structure. Please be sure to have someone from your team check to assure that all is standing every day.
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